Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About The Resort

Stardew Valley has a lot of new things to offer for older players. A ton of new content was recently released, and fans couldn’t help but notice a resort feature being added into the changelog. With the massive amount of content, and many players wanting to restart their farm to take advantage of the beach map, a large majority have yet to unlock the resort.

Even those who have managed to make it to the island might be a bit confused about the location. To help put things into perspective, this article goes over all the information that players are itching to know about the creative new feature.

Where Is The Resort?

The resort, like many of the new locations in the game, can be found on Ginger Island. As most players have probably already noticed, though, getting to the island will take some time. In fact, most players won’t be able to gain access to the resort until over a year of in-game time.

The resort is a neat feature, but there is no reason for players to feel rushed on unlocking it.

How Do You Get To It?

To get to Ginger Island and the resort, players will need to complete the community center bundles. Once this has happened, Willy will show them his old fishing boat that is in disrepair. The boat needs a ton of supplies to fix it up, like 200 hardwood pieces.

Once the boat is fixed, the player can pay 1.000 gold to Willy to be carted off to the island.

How Do You Build it?

To build the resort, players won’t need to worry about saving up wood or stone. Instead, they will need to rely on the colorful tropical birds scattered around the island. The bird for the resort will be sitting in the middle of some ruins just above the boat dock and will require five golden walnuts.

Once the player has given the bird the walnuts, he will then proceed to rebuild the resort in front of them.

Where Do You Get Golden Walnuts?

Golden walnuts are the currency of the island and are found through doing various tasks around it. Some can be found in the volcano dungeon, while others will require the player to solve puzzles. It will take quite some time to even get five golden walnuts, and players may not want to spend it on the resort first.

The best way to get walnuts fast is by following helpful guides or exploring the dungeon.

Do You Get Anything From The Resort?

You will not get any items for completing the resort, which is one of the reasons many players are saving it for last. The resort is more of a bonus for people who are attached to the game’s colorful NPCs. By unlocking the resort, players can see their favorites in new outfits and hear the new dialogue.

This may not be the type of reward many players were looking for, but it is great for added lore.

Who Visits The Resort?

All of the villagers can visit the resort, but the whole town won’t be able to come at one time. The NPCs will usually file in the morning when the boat opens for transport and will stay all day. It seems that around six NPCs can come to the island at once, which means that they won’t be in Pelican Town.

For those who prefer to easily be able to find the townspeople, the resort can cause a small amount of trouble.

Can I Turn The Resort Off?

Yes, the resort can easily be toggled on or off using a small notice that is placed on the changing room. Players should note that turning off the resort won’t automatically send the characters who are already soaking up the sun home. Instead, it will shut it down for the following day.

If the resort is shut down or turned on by accident, then this can quickly be overridden by using the notice again.

Can You Update The Resort?

Many players will want to upgrade their resort or try and decorate it. Unfortunately, this can’t be done, and the resort comes as it is. While there will likely be mods to change this up, it seems like it will be up to the games community to try to mix things up on the island.

In all honesty, though, the resort is a rather simple design that works well the way it is.

Why Won’t NPCs Visit?

There are a variety of reasons why NPCs may not be visiting the resort. Some players have found that the boat must be docked in Pelican Town for the characters to take a vacation. Others may need to toggle off and on the resort to ensure that the proper setting is on.

Festivals may also affect who comes to the resort, but more testing needs to be done on the topic.

When Do NPCs Leave The Resort?

For those who are still in Pelican Town, paying 1,000 gold just to talk to Haley may not be a fun idea. NPCs won’t literally spend the whole day on the island, though, as they all change back to their regular clothes and will head for the boat around 6 pm.

After the characters return, they will go back to their regular night schedule with no interruptions.

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