Stardew Valley: Is Caroline The Witch?

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  • What We Definitely Know About The Witch
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Caroline is a friendly local woman in Stardew Valley, the mother of Abigail (a romance option) and the wife of Pierre (the local shopkeeper). She's really sweet to chat with and easy to get to know.

Is there more to Caroline than meets the eye? Lore is scant and spread out in Stardew Valley, so fan theories are rampant about the various characters and their origins. In this article, we'll go into detail about the fan theory that says Caroline is actually the infamous Witch.

What We Definitely Know About The Witch

The Witch is not a developed character in Stardew Valley. She could be called a tertiary character, at best. As a result, the canon information we have about her is limited. However, these are the confirmed facts:

  • According to the Wizard, he was once married to the Witch, but they are now divorced.
    • They divorced because the Witch became so angry and envious over something the Wizard did that she turned green and began cursing the people of Stardew Valley.
    • The Witch stole the Wizard's Magic Ink before she left him.
  • The Witch is still alive – she occasionally appears in a random event to curse the player's Coops or Slime Hutches.
  • The Witch has a secret hut in Stardew Valley behind the train tracks for performing magic (that the player can visit).
  • Evidence: The Witch's Hut

    Your first suspicions about the Witch may come when you visit her hut, on a quest to retrieve the Wizard's Magic Ink.

    The Wizard calls the hut her "home," and the quest's description says it is his "ex-wife's house," but we can't help but notice that there are no living quarters there. There are only two small tables, a teleportation ring, a cauldron, some potions, and three large Shrines. There's no bed, no kitchen, no bathroom, or any of the other things that the Witch would need to live day-to-day.

    In addition, it's worth noting that the Witch is never at her hut. Once you retrieve the Magic Ink for the Wizard, you can return to the hut at any time to use her Shrines, but she is never present.

    These details make us wonder where the Witch lives and where the Witch spends all her time. If she was masquerading as the wife of the local shopkeeper, it would answer both of these questions.

    Evidence: Abigail As Caroline & The Wizard's Daughter

    A popular fan theory in the community is that Abigail is the love child of Caroline and the Wizard. We discuss the full theory in an article here, but, basically, it has its roots in one line of dialogue where the Wizard reveals that he suspects one of the townspeople is his daughter.

    This theory usually assumes that Caroline had an affair with the Wizard due to her dissatisfaction with her husband Pierre. During the Wizard's eight-heart cutscene, he says he did something to drive the Witch away and making her envious, so it's assumed he cheated on her.

    However, it might also make sense if Caroline was secretly the Witch. For his part, the Wizard never goes into detail about why he has this suspicion, so almost any scenario could be true. Maybe the Witch took on the form of Caroline and tricked the Wizard. Maybe the Witch was pregnant before she left him.

    Evidence: The Dark Shrines

    The Shrines in the Witch's Hut provide a huge clue for this theory. There are three of them, and each one performs a different task for a cost:

    Dark Shrine of MemoryWhile it is possible to get a divorce from your spouse in the game, activating this Shrine will completely reset your relationship with them. Your hearts return to zero, and they will have no memory of you.30,000g
    Dark Shrine of SelfishnessWhen you activate this Shrine, all of your children are permanently removed from the game.Prismatic Shard (x1)
    Dark Shrine of Night TerrorsOnce you've activated this Shrine, monsters can appear on your farm at night. Activating it a second time will cause them to stop appearing.Strange Bun (x1)

    As you can see, all of the Shrines perform tasks that make a significant change to your game.

    Some players suggest that the Witch might have used the Dark Shrine of Memory on herself, rather than on a spouse, after she left the Wizard. He said she was furious about what he did, so perhaps she was so overtaken by her grief and pain that she wanted relief. This would serve to explain why Caroline seems so friendly to the player and doesn't become enraged when seeing the Wizard's tower in the woods or him himself at community events.

    Of course, one flaw is that it doesn't explain how or why the Witch might return to curse the player's farm. Some people have suggested that she might occasionally get into the secret "stash" of something (presumably marijuana or some other drug) that Pierre hides and the player discovers in Pierre's six-heart cutscene. Using whatever is in Pierre's stash may temporarily remind Caroline of her past, they suggest. Unfortunately, it's not a very concrete explanation, but it is something to ponder.

    Evidence: Caroline's Green Hair

    Caroline is one of the few characters in Stardew Valley with an abnormal hair color: bright green. She notably tells Abigail to stop dying her hair, so it wouldn't make sense if she was dying her hair herself, which suggests that Caroline comes by her green locks naturally.

    The world of Stardew Valley is undoubtedly a lot different from our own, but there's nothing to indicate to us that people can have these bright hair colors naturally. So how might Caroline have come about her coloring?

    Players suggest it might have to do with the Shrines. As we said, the Wizard tells the player that she turned green with envy, so it makes sense that her skin would return to its usual color after forgetting her envy with the Shrine of Memory. However, perhaps her hair stayed green permanently.

    Evidence: Herbalism

    One thing we know about Caroline is that she loves plants. In the warm seasons, she helps out around town by maintaining the local gardens. Once you reach two hearts of friendship with her, she also shows you her private sunroom full of plants, which is a room branching off of her kitchen. There, she gives you a cup of tea and later sends you a tea plant for yourself.

    Some players have suggested that Caroline's love of plants may be a remnant of her past life. Witchcraft often makes use of plants in a number of ways, and different species have different meanings and/or power. Tea can also be used as a form of divination; many of us are familiar with the concept of reading a person's tea leaves after they've finished their cup.

    The Whole Story

    With all the evidence together, what conclusions can we draw?

    There's not a single clear answer, but it's not implausible that Caroline was once the Witch. Whether you believe that she's lying to you, to Abigail, to Pierre, and to everyone else because she remembers her past, or that she used the Shrine of Memory to forget everything, there's plenty of evidence.

    The game's creator, ConcernedApe, seems happy to leave these things up to fans' imaginations. So, whatever your personal theory is, it probably won't be disproved anytime soon.

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