Stardew Valley – Where Is The Flower Dance?

Wooing a potential spouse in Stardew Valley is time-consuming and requires lots of gifts and attention to your loved one. Another thing that helps is attending events with them where dates are an option, particularly at the Flower Dance festival. This annual event occurs in the spring and involves the citizens of Pelican Town gathering for a tradition to celebrate the coming of the new season. However, seeking out where it takes place can be difficult since it is normally a locked area. Fear not, as getting there isn’t as confusing as you think.

The festival itself takes place in the western section of Cindersap Forest. You might have regularly passed by a small bridge in this area that’s normally broken with no given options to fix it, and probably wondered what purpose it served. Passing over it will always be inaccessible except for the day of the Flower Dance, perhaps for the villagers to set aside the land as sacred ritual grounds. This would make sense since the lore of stardew valley, like its cousins Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, is filled with magical elements.

Exit To the South

To get to the festival, on day 24 of spring, exit your farm from the south, the gate closest to the pond. If you haven’t cleaned up some of the stones and weeds making that area hard to access, you’ll have to clear a path first. Once you’re outside the limits of your farm, you’ll find yourself automatically in a roped-off area that leads you right to the bridge that connects to the festival. On the other side, simply follow the land and you’ll find yourself at the front of the Flower Dance.

You Might Get Friendzoned

In order to dance with your bachelor or bachelorette of choice at the festival, you’ll need to have obtained a minimum of four hearts of friendship with the partner. Otherwise, you’ll be flat out rejected. If you already have a spouse and don’t dance with them, they’ll pick someone else as well. Should you be divorced, your ex will have angry dialogue if spoken to. All of the other villagers will have dialogue relating to the event. This festival is definitely a fun way to appreciate the blooms of spring with your neighbors.

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