Stardew Valley’s Latest Trend Is Making Music Out Of Blocks

Stardew Valley already has perhaps one of the best soundtracks of any game out there, but if you don't like it, you can augment those chill beats with some tunes of your own. You could just dial down the in-game soundtrack and dial up something on Spotify (or YouTube, or whatever downloaded songs you happen to have handy), or you can keep everything in-game by recreating your favorite songs using Stardew's music blocks.

Specifically, the flute and drum blocks. Walking past either of these blocks will cause them to emit a musical note or a drum beat. Flute blocks can play up to 24 notes and drums can play seven different sounds from bass to snares. If you're musically inclined and extremely patient, you can arrange a whole bunch of these blocks in a line to recreate an actual song.

This is what several talented Stardew musicians have done over the past few months. As reported by Polygon, there are musicians who've recreated Mozart, Green Day's punk rock anthem "American Idiot," and even the Pokemon battle theme.

Making these tracks takes a whole lot of planning. To start, you only have a limited amount of space, so you have to plan out your route to make the most efficient use of your farm. This can often mean doubling-back over the same path for repeated parts of the song. Watch YaramyGD's version of "Megalovania" from Undertale to get a sense of what that can be like. It took YaramyGD 11 total hours of planning and placing to recreate "Megalovania" in Stardew, but it can take longer. For "American Idiot," Levine needed days to work out the drum sounds and the pacing, which required a shot of coffee to increase the player's running speed.

Be sure to check out NetWarrior FM's version of the Mario overworld theme and "Duel of Fates" from Star Wars Episode 1. And if creating music isn't your thing, check out this mod that expands the Adventurer's Guild with a whopping 30 new story events.

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