Steam Games Festival Coming Wednesday With Over 500 Game Demos

After last fall’s successful game festival, Steam is set to make our winter doldrums disappear with the February 2021 edition of the Steam Game Festival. Featuring over 500 games, the Steam Game Festival is the perfect opportunity for PC gamers to explore a wide swath of titles from across the entire spectrum of gaming genres.

Valve did not give us a full list of games that will be taking part, but the trailer did give us a few titles that certainly seem promising. First up is Hazel Sky, from Coffee Addict Studio. This third-person adventure tells the story of a young engineer who’s been banished from his floating island home. The only way to get back is to build a flying machine that proves his skills as an engineer.

However, an unlikely romance springs up that might distract him from his goal of achieving flight. Can Gideon return home to the flying city of his youth and also get the girl? You probably won’t find out in the demo, but you probably will when Hazel Sky has its full release later in 2021.

Next is The Riftbreaker from Exor Studios. This base building survival action RPG has the player build a colony on a distant alien world–a world full of very angry residents that don’t take kindly to newcomers.

Explore the world, find a good spot to build your base, and then defend it by building walls, defensive structures, and going out there in a giant mecha suit and slicing and dicing alien monsters to ribbons.

Last we have Almighty: Kill Your Gods from Runwild Entertainment. This third-person looter shooter has the player “Hunt demons, monsters, and gods solo or online with friends.” Loot magic gauntlets from your defeated foes, craft better gear to take on the gods, and upgrade your home island to defend against enemy raiders.

There are of course many more games to be featured in the Steam Games Festival than just the three we’ve mentioned here, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see all of them. The Steam Games Festival runs from February 3 until February 9, 10 AM PST.

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