Steam Lunar New Year Sale Starts Today

The Year of the Ox begins on Friday, according to the Chinese Zodiac, so that means it’s time for Steam to start offering DEALS with a capital D.

According to recently released promo art courtesy of SteamDB, the Steam Lunar Sale will start on February 11 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST). That’s today, in case you were wondering. I know it can be hard to keep track of what day it is thanks to the pandemic making it all sort of blend together into a time goulash.

Expect sales from pretty much everyone and expect a lot of bull slash ox imagery, as you can clearly see from the leaked promo images.

Steam only just arrived in mainland China on Tuesday thanks to a partnership with Chinese game publisher Perfect World Entertainment. Steam China, as it’s referred to, only has 53 games since every game listed has to be approved by the Chinese government, which is notoriously slow to rubber stamp games for sale.

It also has a built-in chat censor and warns players not to play video games for too long whenever they start up the client.

China is a huge market for games of all kinds, which is why Valve, Sony, and Nintendo have all worked so hard to get their respective platforms into the country. We don’t expect this to change much of what we experience on Steam here in the West, as we’ve long been enjoying moon-based Steam sales thanks to gamers celebrating the lunar new year.

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