Stories From Red Dead Online’s Funeral, With A Message From Roger Clark

Red Dead Online is dead, long live GTA Online. Well, it's not dead dead, you can still login and play, but after a recent announcement from Rockstar, we know we won't be seeing anymore major themed content updates, so it's effectively dead. Clue was in the name all along. People took to the servers yesterday to hold an in-game funeral, and Arthur Morgan's actor Roger Clark even shared a heartfelt message. These are the stories from RDO's funeral.

Many players flooded the servers to hold various funerals and memorials for the game, and some even tried to force the funeral upon others, telling them servers were "reserved" for it.

The player who just wanted to go about their day didn't like being told what to do but simply ignored the posse, who then shot their horse, so they retaliated explosively.

Others got into the spirit of things and dressed in their finest tophat and tails. We may be outlaws, but many of us are still gentlemen, and our attire reflects that – as does the pistol tucked under the peticoat.

One particularly angry fan wants to protest the death of Red Dead Online in a less polite fashion. See, the aim of the funeral was to show Rockstar that RDO still has fans, but it was planned before the announcement, so it became a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone reckons we should send the devs beans, likely referencing the absurd cost of them when the game first launched.

Finally, Roger Clark, the man who brought Arthur Morgan to life shared his own message yesterday. What makes his message even more bittersweet is today is his birthday, the day after Red Dead Online died.

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