Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins’ Second DLC Features Gilgamesh, Releases October 26

It's a big day for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin fans as a trailer for the next big expansion just dropped. Wanderer of the Rift, the RPG’s second DLC, is set for release on October 26 and by the looks of the teaser, Jack and the gang are in for one hell of a ride.

The trailer for the DLC was tweeted out by the game’s official Twitter account this week. The short teaser shows off protagonist Jack as he faces even more deadly foes in the new Labyrinth of Dimensions dungeon. There are tons of new monsters for you to both fight and summon. Plus, it's introducing the new Blue Mage class to the list of available jobs.

Along with the trailer for the expansion, the game’s account tweeted out a detailed look at the DLC’s biggest new threat, Gilgamesh. Die-hard fans of the Final Fantasy series will recognize the name Gilgamesh as he is a recurring enemy who has appeared throughout the series several times. It's no surprise that Origins would look to other entries for ideas, as it has often pulled from the others to build its own, unique world.

Wanderer of the Rift is the second of three planned expansions for this Final Fantasy title. The first, Trials of the Dragon King, launched back in July. However, the last DLC drew backlash for its challenge as it was locked to the hardest difficulty, making it less accessible for existing players.

Regardless, this pattern suggests that the final one, tentatively titled Different Future, will arrive sometime in early 2023. As with the first DLC, this new expansion will not be available individually. Instead, it will be part of the game’s season pass.

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