Stray Is Helping To Raise Money For Real-Life Stray Cats

Stray and its feline protagonist captured the hearts of many last year, even picking up Best Indie and Best Debut Indie at The Game Awards. Now, the developer behind it, BlueTwelve Studio, is helping to raise money for real-life stray cats through charity streams and rescue centre sponsorships.

As reported by PBS (via ResetEra), Jeff Legaspi, marketing director at publisher Annapurna Interactive said, "It was a bit of a no brainer for us to see if there were organizations that would be more than happy to partner up with us."

In STray, you play as a cat that's been separated from his adorable little cat family and fallen into a city filled with robots and strange animals. The robots are mimicking the behaviour of humans and you've got to search for a way out.

Stray has been helping cat organisations by providing codes for them to use in raffles. One such oganisations was the Nebraska Humane Society. Brendan Gepson, the shelter's marketing specialist said, "We decided that the best way to collaborate would be to give away several game codes for the game stray through our Twitter account through $5 donations. It was very successful from the initial fundraiser we raised about $8,000."

One unamed streamer who got a cat from the Humane Society volunteered to do a charity stream of Stray for the organisation and raised over $1,500. Outside of the US, Rafael Almeida, a volunteer at Brazillian shelter Gatos De Francisca said they raised enough money in their code raffle to spay 25 cats.

Publisher Annapurna also sponsored the Stray Cat Relief Fund's walkathon for $1,000, helping the team raise $6,500 to go toward the medical care of their cats. It's all very heartwarming news, and purrfect (sorry) marketing for the game, a win-win.

In other news, the PC requirements for Forspoekn were released in a now-deleted tweet. We suspect the tweet was removed due to the absurdly high recommended specs, which included 24GB of RAM and 150GB of HDD/SSD space.

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