Stream Persona 4 The Golden Animation On Funimation Right Now

In case you missed it, the critically acclaimed game Persona 4 Golden has an anime – and you can watch it now on Funimation.

Persona 4 Golden was recently put out for PC, marking the eighth anniversary of its release for the PlayStation Vita. Anime is a natural medium to expand Persona’s universe, as the protagonists are high schoolers who are trying to balance their daily lives, schoolwork, and love interests all while trying to solve a string of murders in their rural town.

The show never got an English dub, so this will be in Japanese with English subtitles to help you understand what’s going on, according to Anime News Network. While the game has a 70-hour campaign for players to work through, the anime won’t come close to approaching that length, with just 12 episodes available.

That being said, the story won’t explore all of the social links that are available in the game. Rather, it will be focused on Persona 4 Golden’s edition to the original game, Marie. If you would like to see the story in its entirety, you are going to want to start with Persona 4: The Animation. Unfortunately, though, you won’t be able to watch that one on Funimation. As it is, The Golden Animation will still give viewers a satisfying — if incomplete — view of what the game is all about.

The story and writing in Persona 4 (the game) lend themselves perfectly to an anime adaptation. It’s a coming of age story that seamlessly fuses the somewhat banal — and relatable — struggles of being a teenager with the supernatural world that millions of people have found immense enjoyment in. The writing is nearly universally praised as being artistic and intriguing, capturing your attention and refusing to let go.

With just 12 episodes to the show, it’ll be a palatable and entertaining ride that you can probably get through in a day if you binge-watch it. Of course, that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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