Streamer Beats God Of War On A Dance Pad While Cosplaying Kratos

One reason why God of War (2018) is considered an outstanding games is because of its challenging boss fights. For instance, the Valkyrie encounters, and especially defeating Sigrun, is the stuff of nightmares, simply because of how difficult it was even on normal difficulty. Although a streamer has made it look relatively easy by completing the game, including the Valkyrie fights, using a dance pad, while cosplaying as Kratos.

MissMikkaa, a Twitch streamer who specializes in beating difficult games by making them even more difficult, is the one who has achieved this feat. The entire run took her about 55 hours, which is impressive considering she was using just a dance pad.

Spotted by Jake Lucky on Twitter, MissMikkaa is seen trying to defeat Sigrun, which is one of the most difficult encounters in the game. Players have struggled with that encounter on normal difficulty as the Valkyrie Queen has many attacks to dodge and hardly ever gives you breathing space. However, MissMikkaa managed to do the impossible as she finally beat her after 216 tries. She did die once during the encounter after getting Sigrun’s health very low, but since she had a Berserker resurrection stone, it helped her ensure victory over the Valkyrie queen.

While this might very well go down in the history books, it is but a glimpse of what MissMikka has achieved so far. A while ago, she beat Elden Ring using just one hand, which is commendable considering how difficult most bosses are in the game. She has even killed Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in the game, while at level one, using a dance pad. It took her 553 tries and over 15 hours to do so, but it was a glorious achievement.

She also plans to beat Ragnarok using a dance pad, but it probably won't happen very soon.

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