Street Fighter 6 Will Have Box Thugs And A Traversable Overworld

Street Fighter 6's new trailer showcased redesigned gameplay that seems to include a traversable overworld. This could mark a major shift in Street Fighter's story mode, which intersperses traditional cutscenes between fights.

In tonight's State of Play presentation, Capcom revealed a significant refresh for the 25-year-old franchise. We're first presented with Metro City, an obvious analog for New York, where the nondescript player character can run down alleys and shoryuken garbage cans before challenging a citizen to a street brawl.

Street Fighter's stars still made their appearance. Ryu and Chun-Li showed off skills while Luke and Jamie fended off attacks from box-wearing gang members who clearly just wanted to make a fashion statement.

Luke, the final character introduced to Street Fighter 5, seemed to take more of the spotlight in the trailer. Most of the trailer's opening moments featured Luke training in a gym, although the final moments of the trailer had Luke getting beaten by Ryu.

Another notable feature of the trailer is Street Fighter 6's redesigned logo. Capcom was harshly criticized for presenting fans with what appeared to be a stock image design when Street Fighter 6 was announced earlier this year. The redesigned logo is still hexagonal, but now features a unique graffiti motif.

Street Fighter 6 is set to debut sometime next year. According to insiders, we're likely to see more of Street Fighter 6 at this year's EVO tournament.

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