Streets Of Rage 2 Speedrunner (Accidentally) Insults Speedrun World Record Holder

A Twitch streamer accidentally insults the world-record-holding speedrunner for Streets of Rage 2 and instantly regrets it.

It used to be that the speedrunning community was a relatively small one, so world-record-holding players would often rub virtual shoulders in various streamer’s Twitch chats. That doesn’t happen nearly as often these days, but from time to time you can still catch one of these incredible players offering advice to novice speedrunners.

That’s what happened to BarbarousKing, a Twitch streamer that was playing through Streets of Rage 2 on Wednesday. Except BarborousKing didn’t realize who he was talking to until after he’d insulted him.

The clip doesn’t show what was said in chat, but we do hear BarbarousKing’s reply. “Right, I’m aware, what I’m saying is that when I switched consoles [to PlayStation 4] it feels like the timing for that changed,” said BarbarousKing. “Thank you for that hot chat-splain, guy who probably never-ever ran this game.”

It takes him a few moments, but after glancing a few times at the chat, BarbarousKing eventually realizes he just back-talked to one of the world record holders for Streets of Rage 2 speedrunning.

“That’s Izumi! I’m talkin’ s$#!–that’s the world record holder!” BarbarousKing says.

According to, Sm_Izumi is the world record holder for Streets of Rage 2 on Hard difficulty with a total time of 33 minutes and 41 seconds. He’s not the overall record holder though, as that belongs to a Chinese player named lotus100100. On normal, they finished the game in just 24 minutes and 29 seconds.

If we scroll up on the full video, we see that Izumi was just trying to provide some advice for the Stage 4 boss, Abadede. “You have to hit Abadede once only, then loop him it prevent his invincible scream attack.”

BarbarousKing apparently didn’t take that advice too kindly, but they both played off the gaffe with a laugh. BarbarousKing isn’t exactly a contender for the Streets of Rage 2 leaderboards anyways.

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