Super Nintendo World theme park is a ‘life-size, living video game’

Nintendo and Universal Studio's Japan have just revealed a boatload of new info about the new Super Nintendo World theme park opening this Summer.

Gates to the new Universal Studios Japan attraction are scheduled to open just before the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics later this year.

Here's a quick glimpse at what visitors can expect should they choose to visit this one of a kind attraction, as per the updated details on the Super Nintendo World website:

"Reproduce the world of Nintendo games with overwhelming quality and scale. The world's first “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, a life-size experience of that game world, is finally here this year!

"Starting with the ultimately realistic "Mario Kart" that combines games and attractions with the world's most advanced technology, there are also ride attractions for families travelling around the world of Mario on the back of "Yoshi".

"Furthermore, "power-up band" in hand, a vast area that consists of a number of layers, and challenge to a number of challenges with adventure, the world's first activity is born!

"In addition, there are plenty of fun tricks that can be played in the field, such as the "Hatena Block" that can be played realistically, and that will satisfy the playfulness of adults as well as children!"

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