Super Smash Bros. Melee Charity Event Netplay For Palestine Starts Tomorrow

Netplay for Palestine is launching tomorrow on Twitch, a Super Smash Bros. Melee charity event where 100% of the proceeds and donations will be given to Middle East Children’s Alliance. Doubles start at 4 pm EDT while singles are at 7 pm EDT and Amateurs begin at 9 pm EDT.

On top of that, CreestabGaming is donating $1 for every person that enters, but you can also donate directly at MECA’s website to help.

“Netplay for Palestine is a Melee Charity Tournament which aims to raise awareness about what is happening in Palestine, as well as raise money for MECA which provides direct care and supports community projects in Palestine,” the page reads.

“A week ago, the Israeli government continued forced expulsions in Sheikh Jarrah, and Israeli police fired stun grenades at Palestinians inside of Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan,” the post continues, “The situation has since escalated. Palestine is under siege. Israel is firing rockets into Gaza and positioning armed forces around the border in preparation for a ground invasion.

“Join and support Netplay for Palestine to show solidarity and support for Palestinians resisting apartheid and ethnic cleansing. During the stream, those personally affected who feel comfortable doing so will share their experiences, art, and/or knowledge. Tune in to learn, listen, and support. Free Palestine.”

Currently, both the UK and the US have refused to cancel arms deals with Israel, while America blocked a statement from the UN for the third time in a single week. These statements would have called for a ceasefire to Israel who have murdered 200 people, 58 of which are children, a number that is constantly rising.

Many gaming journalists are also airing their support for Palestine, raising awareness and funds, with those such as GameSpot’s Tamoor Hussain currently live streaming to bring in donations for Medical Aid for Palestinians in need, while others like IGN guides writer Saniya is consistently bringing attention to petitions, charities, and news of the ongoing attack from Israel, keeping it in the spotlight. You can donate to MAFPIN here.

You can also donate to help at PCRF, Anera, Kxng Sameei’s JustGiving page, IRU, GERF, and more.

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