Supergirl’s Dreamer Is Coming To Fortnite As Its First Trans Character

The latest Fortnite update should be live by the time you read this, and it will add another DC hero to the game's crossover roster. The v21.50 update brings Dreamer along with it, marking the first time a transgender character has been added to Fortnite.

The reveal that Dreamer has been or will be introduced to Fortnite in the near future comes via the below tweet courtesy of Hypex (via ResetEra). A variety of new skins, items, and emotes are on show with Dreamer in the top left. The tweet reveals Dreamer will be part of a larger set, so will likely have a few of her own items coming to Fortnite too. It also reveals she will be available through the Fortnite item shop.

Dreamer's arrival in Fortnite marks the first time a trans character has been added to the game. Yet another first for the DC hero. Dreamer was added to the since-canceled Supergirl show, making her the first trans superhero to appear on TV. In a twist on how DC and Marvel heroes usually work, Dreamer was created for the TV show and eventually made the jump to comic books as opposed to the other way around.

The finer details on when exactly Dreamer and her set will be available to buy hasn't yet been revealed, but it seems likely she will be added in conjunction with Fortnite's annual LGBTQ+ event. It was announced earlier this year that the Rainbow Royale event will return this September, lining up perfectly with the imminent addition of Dreamer. Fortnite also has an ongoing relationship with DC, and Dreamer will be joining the likes of Batman and Aquaman who have been in The Loop for a while.

As Dreamer is welcomed into Fortnite lore, players have been forced to say goodbye to Impostors. The LTM was first introduced more than a year ago but was vaulted today when maintenance for the v21.50 update went live. It's unclear why it was removed but probably got the boot to make way for Late Game Arena.

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