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Welcome to the codes page for Sword Slasher! We've got the latest goodies for the game, a new Roblox experience where you have to slice and dice your way through multiple waves of enemies. As you slice, you'll level up your sword and character, and eventually upgrade enough to take down more powerful waves and bosses.

We check for new Sword Slasher codes every day – the game is still very new, so we expect lots of rewards to come over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more!

We added codes on January 12, 2023.

Sword Slasher Codes





Double XP for 15 minutes

Active (NEW CODE)


Double gems for 15 minutes


Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to be careful when you add them, making sure to pay attention to capital letters, numbers, and punctuation. If entered incorrectly, the code won't work and you won't get your rewards.

How To Redeem Codes In Sword Slasher

  • Load up the game
  • Click on the Twitter icon (that's the blue bird)
  • Enter the code into the box and enjoy your rewards

Code not working? Make sure you've copy and pasted the code exactly, otherwise it won't work.

What Are Sword Slasher Codes?

Sword Slasher codes are freebies that are given out by the developer at E25. These codes can be redeemed for boosts in-game (double coins or double gems), as well as currency to help you get started in the game and get your first eggs. Eggs will help you gain more slashing power. New codes are released for like milestones, so go and like the game for more rewards.

How To Get More Codes

New codes are posted on the game page, but old codes are removed. If you want old and new rewards (all the free stuff!), then check our table. We look for new codes every day. You can also check out the community Discord server for more info on the game and updates.

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