Talented Animal Crossing Designer Recreates a Quaint Japanese Shopping District On Her Island

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons player made an adorably quaint Japanese shopping district on her island.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing Animal Crossing: New Horizons island designs, from this island that’s been converted into Hyrule, to this one that’s been changed into a Pokémon’s Johto Region.

But islands don’t always have to be video game references. Sometimes they can be from everyday life–like this shopping district from a Japanese New Horizons player.

Twitter user @MfsbT6210 was extremely clever when she decided to recreate an urban shopping district on her island. Since there aren’t enough buildings in New Horizons to make a village feel as dense as a city, she instead used terraforming to make a corridor and then lined that corridor with all the same stuff you’d find in downtown Tokyo.

Vending machines, gumball machines, street lights, power and telephone polls, outdoor air conditioning, and tons of custom signs line the boulevard, with street food vendors and various awnings to make it look like every square is actually a store.

She really did a great job of capturing the eclectic and hectic atmosphere of urban Japan. Perhaps this will inspire other island dwellers to try something similar. Could Manhattan be right around the corner?

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