Tekken 8 Will Be Built From The Ground Up In Unreal Engine 5

Tekken 8 was officially announced at this week’s PlayStation State of Play event. The trailer showed the Mishima father and son duo, Kazuya and Jin, fighting each other in the rain and nothing else. Now, in a recent interview, Tekken’s series lead Katsuhiro Harada has revealed some more information about his next title.

Tekken 8 is following in the footsteps of the next Witcher game and is being developed on Unreal Engine 5. However, it isn’t simply taking its pre-existing build and transferring those assets onto UE5, but is actually being built from the ground up. In an interview with IGN, Harada mentioned how this extreme makeover has its own pitfalls and advantages.

“For example, one reason we felt confident to just make the graphics from scratch is that we have so many veterans on the team," explains Harada. "Most people have been on the series for 10 years or more – many even 20 years. So everyone has a very thorough knowledge of Tekken and what makes it great and what makes it pop with the fans, but also enough experience to avoid the more common pitfalls."

However, despite having an experienced team, he knows that it is still very difficult to strike that "fine balance" when you’re creating something new. He also mentioned how important it is for the team to gather feedback from different groups and implement it into the game.

There were also a few other important details that the interview revealed. For instance, Harada confirmed that the game is currently only being developed for the current-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles alongside PC. He didn’t rule out the possibility of the game coming to previous-gen consoles, so it could still happen. Furthermore, he revealed how Tekken 8’s story will be all about the feud between Kazuya and Jin. Harada also mentioned how the team was mostly happy with guest characters introduced in Tekken 7 but did not confirm any such plans for Tekken 8.

Considering the game is being built from the ground up, it could be a while before we see something as substantial as a gameplay trailer. Consequently, the game’s release date/window also remains a mystery for now.

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