The best Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2020 deal is at Aldi for £230

You better be quick if you want to take advantage of the best Black Friday deal so far, as Aldi offer major discounts on the Switch and Switch Lite.

There may not be any decent Black Friday deals for PlayStation and Xbox consoles but Aldi, of all places, has the first truly great hardware deal for the Nintendo Switch.

This is for the full fat Switch, the one with a dock that can also connect to your TV – so not the cheaper Switch Lite, which has had a few good deals at places like Amazon.

All you get is the console, so there’s no games or anything else, but it’s just £229.99, instead of the £279.99 it should be. Which for once this Black Friday is a really good deal.

The Switch offer will go live at midnight, so you’ll want to get in there quick, as they may not last for long. (And before you consider rushing out during lockdown this is an online only offer, so there’s no point trying to buy one from a store.)

Aldi also has a Switch Lite (again with no games) for £169.99, which is also very good considering they’re supposed to be £199.99.

They haven’t got anything else listed under gaming for Black Friday yet, just some mice and keyboards and that sort of thing, but we’ll keep an eye on them during the course of the day and let you know if they add anything else.

In the meantime there are some decent software deals to be had, at the likes of Amazon and GAME, but there are no bundles or discounts for any Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

The next gen consoles are too new, and aren’t in stock anyway, and most stores seem to have run out of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro as well.

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