The Best Secret Game-Overs Worth Dying For

It would be shocking to find out that somewhere in the world there exists a gamer who has never gotten any kind of game-over at some point in their life. While getting a game-over in some games can be a rather involved process, others only require one minor mistake.

As the medium of games has expanded over the years, so too have the numerous and creative ways that players can get a game-over in their favorite titles. Sometimes secret game-overs are thrown in as a little wink to players who love to explore every corner of games, and sometimes they’re added in to punish gamers who go against what the developers intended. Here are some of the best.

Resident Evil 4

With the numerous entries in the Resident Evil series and the huge selection of enemies, it makes sense that the franchise would be home to a few secrets. Resident Evil 4 contains a shocking secret game-over for curious players.

This can be accessed just before the lake fight with Del Lago. If you reach the end of the dock and continuously shoot the water, the great beast will make a surprise appearance and consume you before you even get a chance to fight.

Super Paper Mario

The Paper Mario series is often relatively light-hearted in nature, which can make for a good chuckle if cheeky players pick certain dialogue options. Right at the beginning of the game, you will be asked to set off on an epic adventure, but as everyone knows, there are usually multiple dialogue responses in RPGs.

If you choose the three negative dialogue options when speaking with Merlon, the game will end right then and there. It’s shocking and funny in its own right, but it’s a good wink from the developer for gamers who want to experience everything a game has to offer.

Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect franchise tells a sprawling story in which you have lots of control over the narrative, and sometimes that control isn’t necessarily a good thing. Anyone who’s a fan of the franchise knows that there are plenty of unique romance options to choose from.

One of the possibilities could be described as a bit less than romantic. If you are interested in pursuing Morinth, despite the game’s number of warnings as to why you shouldn’t, then you’ll be treated to an unsatisfying game over after your romantic encounter.

Sonic CD

In a game that’s all about getting to the end of the game’s stages as fast as you can, it’s probably not a good idea to leave the game idle. With this in mind, it’s clear that the developers of Sonic CD wanted to have a bit of fun with their iconic character at your expense.

If you put the controller down to peek at a guide for a little bit too long – three minutes to be exact – Sonic will launch himself out of bounds, which could mean a full game over for players on their last life.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

With a game as filled with jokes as South Park: The Fractured But Whole, it shouldn’t be a shock to find out that there are some hilarious secret game-overs. This particular example could be argued as a bit of a troll from the developers, since it is initiated by taking a series of actions that seem relatively reasonable.

While grounded, if you move a stool to an open window the way out seems clear. However, if you follow through with this action, the character will fall and you'll be handed a trollish game-over.

Far Cry 4

The Far Cry series has never been shy about inserting secret scenes and one of the best comes right from the start of Far Cry 4. While it could be viewed as a secret way to beat the game, it does also end the game prematurely, so it counts.

During the game’s introduction in which you meet Pagan Min, you'll be instructed to wait for his return, but this is simply how the main campaign is meant to begin. If you do as instructed and wait for his return, a secret cutscene will play and the game will be over in no more than roughly fifteen minutes.

NieR: Automata

While many may have missed out on the cult-classic NieR: Automata, the ones that have experienced the game knowsthat it’s full of unique secrets. The game itself features roughly twenty-six different endings for you to find.

While many of the endings are essentially game-overs that can be accessed at various points, some are absolutely hilarious. One of the funniest comes from ingesting a mackerel that you are warned is dangerous for androids. The ending isn’t as fulfilling or compelling as the others, but it’s certainly worth a chuckle.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Nintendo has a history of making fantastic games with plenty of important lessons for younger gamers, and Link's Awakening is no different. For a game that's incredibly light-hearted, it features one of the darkest secret game-overs we've seen.

If you visit the Mabe Village shop and decide to steal an item, you’ll be in for a surprise the next time you enter. You'll find out that you weren’t as clever as you thought as the shopkeeper forces an immediate game-over with a magic attack.

Final Fantasy 6

There’s a reason that many gamers point to Final Fantasy 6 as the best entry in the franchise. Such a sprawling game with plenty of optional characters and quests is bound to have plenty of secret game overs for you to find.

If you don’t accurately memorize the lines for the famous opera scene, it is possible to get a game over thanks to how badly the performance is botched. That may seem silly to someone who has never played the game, but fans of the game are likely to know exactly why a game-over is deserved.

Doom (2016)

Players may think that a game like Doom wouldn’t include secret game-overs thanks to the beautiful simplicity of the gameplay, but they’d be wrong. The 2016 version of Doom features a game-over that fans of sci-fi movies will love.

While there are plenty of horrific monsters that will likely end up handing you more than one game-over or death, the best comes when you aren't as careful as you should be. If you end up taking a tumble into a lava pit, you’ll be met with a fiery fate, but as you sink Doom Guy will flash a familiar thumbs up.

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