The Best Weapons In Watch Dogs: Legion

The right tools, or in this case weapons, make completing a task so much easier. Watch Dogs: Legion handles weapon acquisition a little differently than other similar games. Weapons cannot be picked up from fallen enemies in Watch Dogs: Legion, as they are primarily acquired via recruiting new people.

Some weapons are switchable, but usually only of the same type – like switching one submachine gun for a different submachine gun (if it has been unlocked). This system makes finding some of the better weapons a little trickier than in games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. This isn’t the most popular mechanic ever since it introduces additional steps to using the best weapons in the game. Which are they?

Silenced P9

Getting into a shootout on the streets in Watch Dogs: Legion can get tricky. The sound of gunfire can, and will, attract the authorities to your location, and the next thing you know the area is swarming with armed people trying to kill you.

So, having a silenced weapon really helps alleviate this problem and allows for a safer, stealthier playstyle. The P9 fires quickly and does not suffer much from recoil, making subsequent shots more accurate. The P9 also packs a fairly good punch. To unlock the silenced P9, players need to recruit a spy.


The GL-06 is a grenade launcher. Let’s be honest, everybody loves using grenade launchers in these open-world games. Sure, they are a bit overpowered, but they are also incredibly fun to use (not to mention effective).

While they only hold one grenade and force the player to reload after every shot, their impact usually means there is plenty of time to do so. Why fire round after round at a target when you can shoot once and instantly dispatch an enemy and their car in a fiery explosion?


The P308 is an assault rifle. This rifle offers a great balance of stopping power, fire rate, and ammo capacity. This weapon can fell most opponents with only a few shots. The fire rate (it’s a semi-auto rifle) is fast enough to handle multiple enemies but also allows for aiming between shots. It’s also a very stable weapon with little muzzle drift while firing.

The magazine of the P308 holds enough rounds that you’re not going to be reloading every few seconds. Lastly, the P308 is extremely accurate; this helps conserve ammo and lowers the frequency of having to pause and reload. Overall, the P308 is a great standard weapon for shoot-outs.


The sledgehammer isn’t a type of shotgun but an actual sledgehammer. Melee weapons are a big part of Watch Dogs: Legion. They don’t cause as much alarm among the citizenry, which lowers the chance of the authorities being called to your location.

The sledgehammer can be swung very quickly and can incapacitate even armored foes with only a few hits. With this weapon, there’s no need to spend precious seconds swinging multiple times at one enemy while other opponents are standing nearby firing their guns at you. Just hit them and move on to the next enemy.


The beekeeper is one of the better recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion. The reasons for this are many, but their ability to summon a swarm of electronic bees to harass enemies is especially useful. This swarm works in tandem with the unique weapon available to beekeepers – the Overcharger.

This weapon is a semi-automatic handgun that has a lot of stopping power. The Overcharger also has the benefit of causing the bees swarming around an enemy to explode, and few opponents can survive this combo. Just be careful to not over-use the Overcharger because it runs out of ammo fast.

Combat Drone

One of the most efficient weapons in the game is the combat drone. Using this, a player can stay out of harm’s reach and shower the enemies with explosives. This is less sportsmanlike than the grenade launchers, and honestly, less satisfying. Nevertheless, this weapon gets the job done with very little chance of the player being taken down.

Drones are everywhere too, making hackers quite formidable since these drones will generally search for you and stay close enough to be hacked. Another great aspect of using drones is that they give a birds-eye view of the area. This aerial vantage makes it much harder for enemies to find cover from your attacks.

Tear Gas

Non-lethal weapons are a big part of Watch Dogs: Legion. Citizens do not like being caught in the crossfire in this game and can refuse to join DedSec if the player involves them in a shootout and their support for DedSec drops. Tear gas has two major benefits.

First, it can incapacitate (temporarily) an entire group of enemies. Once incapacitated, enemies are essentially prone and can be dispatched at the player’s leisure. Second, they can provide cover for making an escape if a confrontation is not desired. One last thing about using tear gas grenades – when using them it’s probably smart to have your character wear a gas mask.

Nail Gun

The nail gun is a unique weapon that is much more effective than you would think. First, it holds a ton of ammo, making reloading less of a hassle in shootouts. Second, it has a much greater range than someone would expect from a nail gun.

Third, the nail gun is also surprisingly accurate, which makes it quite easy to pick off enemies at long range. Lastly, the nail gun seems to have as much stopping power as a shotgun at close range. A single shot is usually enough to dispatch an opponent.

Smart Phone

In the hands of the right recruit, a smartphone is deadly in Watch Dogs: Legion. Using this device a player can hack any number of objects and devices to use as weapons. Why use a firearm when you can simply hack a car and use it to plow through a group of enemies?

Players can also use this device to set hack traps. The disrupt hack is one of the most efficient ways to incapacitate an enemy in the game – just press a button on your phone and the targeted enemy is zapped and put into a prone state.

Combat Spiderbot

Spiderbots are a lot more useful than many players realize. Once upgraded with a turret, they can be deployed and used to engage enemies while your character is safe behind cover. They don’t have a lot of stopping power, but the spiderbots are also small targets capable of taking a respectable amount of damage.

Reloading can be bypassed by retrieving the spiderbot and redeploying it. Lastly, these are great to deploy next to your character while riding on a cargo drone. They can even be deployed onto the roof of your car to allow for a rotating turret while you drive around.

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