The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me: How To Get The Worst Ending

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  • All Of Charlie’s Deaths In The Devil In Me
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With so much interesting storytelling happening within The Devil in Me, the fourth and final installment of season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology, you ought to try to keep everyone alive, so you can find out what’s going on. A game like this is nothing without a story to uncover.

But what about when you’ve found everything there was on your first or even second run, and you want to see what happens if you “accidentally” make some bad choices? In this guide, we’ll show you every possible way to make the crew of Lonnit Entertainment meet their end.

There isn't a way to tell you how to kill the characters of The Devil in Me without giving away a few spoilers in the process, so proceed at your own risk!

All Of Kate’s Deaths In The Devil In Me

Kate has a total of five possible deaths – the fewest of anyone employed by Lonnit Entertainment. Outside of her possible early death in Reflection, based upon your decisions between her and Jamie back in the Director's Suite scene on who gets to keep the screwdriver, Kate is almost guaranteed to survive until the final chapters. Below are all of your opportunities to kill off Jessie Buckley's character.

Kate's Possible Deaths

SceneWhat To DoCause of Death
ReflectionPress the button as Jamie to send the wall toward Kate when she does not have the screwdriver.Crushed by a glass panel wall.
LakeFail the QTEs as Du'Met is attacking Kate.Broken neck, caused by the anchor.
Neglect to jump off the boat.Boating crash.
UltimatumRefuse Du'Met's deal, or say nothing.Dissolved from the inside out with acid.
The EndAccept Du'Met's deal as Mark.Gunshot wound.

All Of Mark’s Deaths In The Devil In Me

Mark can perish in six possible ways across only three chapters. Mark is guaranteed to live until at least the Lake scene, and most of his deaths come at the very end of the game. Interestingly, all of his possible deaths are caused by Du’Met. However, once you get to the Lake scene, Mark has an impressive four ways he can possibly die, all happening in rapid succession, so be sure to be ready to capitalize if you're trying to kill him off before the end of the game.

Mark's Possible Deaths

SceneWhat to DoCause of Death
LakeAttack Du'Met and fail the QTEs.Chopped in the back with an axe, and had his throat ripped out.
Complete the QTEs attacking Du'Met, but fail the ones struggling against him afterward.Stabbed in the throat with an axe.
Complete the QTEs to fight Du'Met off, but fail at tossing the anchor at him.Impaled on the anchor.
Neglect to jump off the boat.Boating crash.
UltimatumWith everyone but Kate and Mark dead, after Kate chooses to help "Mark" in Homestead, refuse Du'Met's deal or say nothing in response.Suffocation by poison gas.
The EndAccept Du'Met's deal.Gunshot wound.

All Of Jamie’s Deaths In The Devil In Me

Jamie is tied for characters with the highest number of possible death scenes of anyone in the crew, totaling seven possible endings for her (the other being Erin). Just like Mark, all of her deaths come directly from the hands of Du’Met, even the glass trap – had it not been for him chasing her down and rangling her into the room, Jamie would still be alive. If your goal is to achieve that she doesn't get to see the credits roll, then these are all the ways to do away with Jamie.

Jamie's Possible Deaths

SceneWhat to DoCause of Death
Director's SuiteClose the wall too early as Kate, or fail the QTEs as JamieStabbed in the back by Du'Met.
ReflectionOpt out of pressing the button as Jamie if she does not have the screwdriver.Crushed by a glass panel wall.
ChaseFail the QTEs against Du'Met as Kate, then choose to have Kate flee when Du'Met grabs Jamie on the roof.Falling from a height and being impaled on the way down.
MazeIf only Kate and Jamie are alive, have Kate choose to climb when being chased.Axe wound to the chest.
HomesteadEither ask Kate to help you deal with Connie, or choose not to kill Connie when playing as Jamie.Axe wound to the head.
LakeAttack Du'Met instead of diving from the boat, then fail the QTEs. If Jamie has the screwdriver, fail using it. If she does not have the screwdriver, this is a fatal plan from the start.Drilled by the gas tank.
Neglect to jump off the boat.Boating crash.

All Of Erin’s Deaths In The Devil In Me

Erin is the first of the five crew members who can die in your playthrough, as she can be taken out almost as soon as she's separated from the group. If Erin dies in either of her earlier two opportunities, The Curator her death won’t be confirmed until the Surgery scene, which will then count as the chapter wherein she "officially" died when the results are shown in your ending credit run. She has a total of seven possible deaths, tied with Jamie for the most opportunities, which we'll list for you below.

Erin's Possible Deaths

SceneWhat to DoCause of Death
BlackoutAttack Du'Met when he offers the inhaler and complete the QTEs.Stabbed through the jaw.
Silver Ash (Theatrical Cut)Party (Curator's Cut)Run from Du'Met instead of hiding.Stabbed through the eye.
Surgery(Erin cannot technically die here, but this is where her death is confirmed if she's died before this point, and this serves as her "official" death if that's the case.)Heart stopped.
BreathlessAs Jamie, choose to kill Erin in the suffocation trap.Suffocation.
MazeSkip running into the barn.Axe wound to the chest.
LakeFail to dodge Du'Met's attack during the QTE segment.Impaled with an axe.
Neglect to jump off the boat.Boating crash.

All Of Charlie’s Deaths In The Devil In Me

Last but not least is the leader of Lonnit Entertainment. Charlie has a total of six possible deaths throughout the game, and his are arguably the most spread out – if you miss one chance to kill him off, you'll have to wait a bit before trying to capitalize on another. Most of the time, when you take control of Charlie, you’ve got a chance to get him killed, so take your pick.

Charlie's Possible Deaths

SceneWhat to DoCause of Death
IgnitionEither fail the wine puzzle as Jamie, stop pulling the lever as Mark, or choose to force the door twice as Charlie.Burning.
Waste DisposalFail the QTE to climb out of the compactor, or fail the Keep Calm segment.Crushed in a waste shredder.
CliffsideFail the Keep Calm segment.Stabbed repeatedly.
Fail to balance on the plank.Falling from a height.
ReunionFind the edited tape of Charlie as Erin during the Silver Ash scene, then have Mark side against Charlie when given the choice.Slashed and then pushed from a height.
LakeFail the QTE to dodge Du'Met when he attacks.Decapitation.

The Trophy For Killing Everyone

As with most of The Dark Pictures Anthology games, there's a trophy on the line that you can unlock by ending a playthrough early and without survivors. It doesn't matter where or how everyone died, but as long as they did, you receive the "Unhappy Ending" trophy after your final crew member perishes.

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