The Division 2 maintenance: Server Status DOWN for update 2.1 release

Ubisoft Massive has confirmed The Division 2 maintenance for today, April 16.

This will include downtime, which is set to last for several hours and shut down most gaming features.

Ubisoft has revealed that maintenance is scheduled to last around three hours and will begin 8:30am, BST.

The dev team has also announced that today’s server downtime will be followed by the release of a new update on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance Tuesday, April 16th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

Patch 2.1 will be launched during the April 16 maintenance period and is aiming to fix a number of bugs.

And while the patch notes aren’t a laundry list of fixes, some of them will certainly prove popular among the fanbase.

One major issue with the Crafting Bench upgrade blueprint not being granted to players moving from one World Tier to another is being removed today.

While this will be a welcome fix, some fans are disappointed that today’s update will not include some of the other notable problems causing major issues.

One of the worst is not being able to interact with various objects found in the world that are integral to the game.

This includes players not being able to pass through server-side controlled doors such as those with Safe Houses, Settlements and the Base of Operations.

Ubisoft has acknowledged this issue and told fans recently: “We have received reports from players that have been unable to leave certain areas (such as a settlement or safehouse) as they cannot open the doors, or interact with objects, such as loot caches or rappel lines.

“Some players also report encountering connection errors DELTA 01 or DELTA 03. Please be aware we are actively investigating the situation.”

But looking at today patch notes, it doesn’t look like there will be a fix released for this problem with update 2.1.

The official The Division 2 patch notes for update 2.1 can be found below:

  • Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs could get stuck in a T-pose when being killed out of view.
  • Fixed another issue with the Revive Hive not working properly. We are still working on instances where the skill sometimes will not resurrect players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gila Guard brand gear could not be donated to the Campus Daily Project “Brand Request: Gila Guard”.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crafting Bench upgrade blueprint would not be granted to players when moving from one World Tier to another.
  • Fixed an issue where the two piece bonus of the True Patriot gear set would not trigger correctly.

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