The Division 2 PATCH NOTES: Ubisoft update makes THESE big gameplay changes

UPDATE: The Division 2 server maintenance has concluded well ahead of schedule.

After little more than an hour, The Division 2 is back online and ready to play – once you’be installed the update, of course.

“Server maintenance has concluded! Thank you for your patience, now off to Washington D.C. you go!”

ORIGINAL: The Division 2 has been taken offline for server maintenance, as Ubisoft releases a brand new update.

Before we get to the patch notes, it’s worth remembering that The Division 2 will be down for approximately three hours.

The Division 2 went offline at 8.30am GMT and will return at around 11.30am.

The news was confirmed by Ubisoft in a recent Twitter post: “Agents, we’re performing a scheduled maintenance to #TheDivision2 servers at 9:30 AM CET / 4:30 AM ET / 5:30 PM KST / 7:30 PM ACT that will last approximately 3 hours.

“We will inform you when the servers are back up!”

Express Online will update the article when the game goes back online.

In the meantime, Ubisoft has released a full list of patch notes for the new update.

Available to download during the scheduled server downtime, the new update makes a selection of fixes.

Ubisoft has fixed an issue where players were not receiving XP when playing in Clans.

Even more welcome is a fix for a problem involving the daily and weekly resets. The aforementioned resets wouldn’t always apply to players who were offline at the time.

Perhaps most important of all is a solution to a problem that was preventing players from progressing during certain missions.

Finally, Ubisoft has made a tweak to the endurance of players teaming up with friends of a higher level.

You can check out the full selection of The Division 2 patch notes below…

The Division 2 patch notes in full…

• Fixed an issue where players were not being granted Clan XP

• Fixed an issue where daily and weekly resets would not apply to players who were offline during the time of reset

• Fixed an issue where players could lose guiding missions and access to guiding mission NPCs, making them unable to further progress

• Improved survivability of low level players against enemy NPCs when playing co-op with a player of higher level

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