The Division 2 update 3.1 PATCH NOTES and server downtime, as Ubisoft issues ban WARNING

The Division 2 is once again offline for server maintenance, as Ubisoft releases update 3.1.

The Division 2 downtime began at 8.30am in the UK, and is expected to last until 11.30am.

Of course, Ubisoft typically finishes server maintenance early, so expect the game to come back online even sooner.

“Servers are currently down for maintenance,” reads an Ubisoft post. “We have updated the forum post with patch notes and an official statement regarding the armour exploit.”

And speaking of the armour exploit, Ubisoft has issued a warning to the players who took advantage of the cheat.

“The small amount of players who have used the armour exploit will receive a warning on their account. Any further violation of the terms of use will lead to a permanent ban of their account.”

According to the update 3.1 patch notes, the latest version of the game no longer includes the armour exploit.

Lots of other fixes are also included in the latest update 3.1, which you can see below.

The Division 2 update 3.1 patch notes…

• Increased tutorial font size on the Mega Map.

• Increased visibility on Collectibles and Caches in the Open World.

• Fixed an issue where the “Loot” tutorial at the beginning of the game wouldn’t appear.

• Fixed an issue where the Field Proficiency toast would not include the gained rewards.

• Fixed an issue where players could remain stuck in the Theater settlement after recruiting Inaya al-Khaliq.

• Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck on the roof of the Grand Washington Hotel mission.

• Fixed an issue where Hunter Mask and Ivory Keys would not drop, even if the player correctly solved the riddle and killed the Hunter(s).

• This fix should allow players to re-do the Hunters and collect the Masks and Keys they are currently missing.

• Fixed an issue where the rate of fire on semi-automatic weapons would be lower than intended.

• Fixed an issue where face masks would appear smaller than intended.

• Fixed an issue where opening a Dark Hours Apparel Cache could cause a continuous loop.

The Division 2 update 3.1 patch notes continued…

• Fixed an error that removed the Loot All as Junk option. Sorry about that!

• Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would rush past players to get into cover.

• Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would flank players too often.

• Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would not react to any combat until reaching cover or having their movement interrupted.

• Fixed an exploit where armor would scale to unintended values when normalized.

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