The Elden Ring Subreddit Responds To TGA No-Show With Hilarious Wooper Memes

The hollows amongst r/EldenRing have become even hollower in the wake of The Game Awards, which was rumored to show off a tantalizing new game trailer. With TGA being a bust for FromSoftware fans, aside from walking away with the Most Anticipated Game Award, many have taken it upon themselves to bring lighthearted fun and joy to the sad occasion via the TGA’s now most beloved mascot: Pokemon’s Wooper.

In the form of several hysterical memes, the small blue tadpole-like creature becomes the star of the show in an ongoing Wooper war with any and all Eldern Ring news at the center of it all. Take a peek at some of the very best below.

To make sense of this ongoing paradigm, one would have to have attended The Game Awards, which featured a pretty awesome Pokemon Go tie-in called Wooper Watch. This ongoing event even included some real-world Snapchat filters for Pokemon fans to share with those watching. The data was eventually tallied up after the live show, with 48.7 million Woopers being caught around the world.

For hardcore Elden Ring fans, however, the Wooper Watch tie-in became an in-joke, with many devising some of the most intricate and hysterical memes with Wooper being the harbinger of absolute destruction and calamity to the video game sphere. Even VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb and TGA host Geoff Keighley became stars of the joke, with one meme asking “Who will lead us hollows to our salvation?” No sign of any Elden Ring trailer has put the fanbase in a sour and dampened mood, but it hasn’t stopped them from making light of the occasion.

Now, when will the next potential Elden Ring reveal make its fated appearance? Rumors are now suggesting the forthcoming 2021 Taipei Game Show may feature some sort of Elden Ring tease, and even the aforementioned Jeff Grub has noted that fans won’t have to wait long for more information on the most anticipated upcoming video game. With much of the discourse surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 now turning negative, all eyes are peeled on what FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki can churn out – though that is, of course, if the Woopers don’t over-encumber us all beforehand.

Myth or not, Elden Ring certainly holds promise, and with a community as dedicated and devoted to the cause like this one, it’s hard to feel anything other than solace in this void of unknowns. Together, Elden Ring stans rise as one against the mightiest foe thus far seen. While the wild Wooper may, in fact, be a formidable foe, it won’t stop us from gathering up all possible Elden Ring news in existence.

Don’t let the fire die, good hollows.

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