The Ending Of Bugsnax Could Have Been A Whole Lot Darker

Bugsnax is an outwardly adorable game about catching bugs that take the form of food. It took a bit of a sinister turn when the game’s announcement trailer showed a character devour a cute strawberry with googly eyes, but for the most part, many people thought that Bugsnax was going to a wholesome experience about exploring an unknown island, catching snack-based critters along the way. What we got was a darker story than most anticipated, but at least it wasn’t as dark as what the developer originally had planned. Beware of spoilers for Bugsnax below.

During your final couple of hours with Bugsnax before the credits roll, you learn that the sentient sandwiches running around aren’t actually bugs. They’re instead living parasites that transform people who eat them into Bugsnax themselves and the island itself is entirely made out of Bugsnax. That means you and the inhabitants of Snaxberg have been unknowingly committing acts of cannibalism for most of the game.

Despite being a very strange and disturbing ending, it turns out developer Young Horses initially planned for an even darker turn than what we got. In a tell-all interview with Kotaku, Young Horses originally had plans for the residents of Snaxberg to become zombies who would attempt to kill and eat you:

“We knew from the outset that bugsnax were dangerous parasites, and in their earliest designs they were not very cute. At some point there was an even worse ending where the Grumpuses become snak-craving zombies that eat each other and then you. So if anything, the game got lighter and sillier over time!”

With Young Horses being the same developer that made Octodad: Dadliest Catch, we probably should have expected Bugsnax to have some kind of strange, underlying theme. However, it would have been very interesting to see how the game would’ve ended had the developer stuck with its original vision.

But for those of you who want more Bugsnax despite the game likely upsetting thousands of children across the globe, you may be pleased to know that Young Horses also reveals that it isn’t done working on the franchise just yet. If that takes the form of DLC or a straight sequel we don’t know just yet, but it sounds like we’ll be getting some more Bugsnax in the future whether we like it or not.

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