The HP Reverb Headset to Launch on 6th May

HP has released a number of virtual reality (VR) solutions for both home consumers and enterprise alike. From its Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset to the backpack PC’s which are great for free-roaming experiences in VR arcades. HP latest WMR headset is the Reverb which was due to arrive last month, now the company has given an official launch date; next Monday 6th May.

HP has updated the listing for the Pro Edition on its US website with the new date, but there’s no listing for the consumer version, retailing for $649.00 USD and $599.00 respectively. Likewise, the UK site doesn’t have details for either headset, so this could be a US-only launch, to begin with.

When it comes to the differences between the two models the actual headsets are exactly the same. They both feature an improved resolution over HP’s original WMR headset, from 1440 x 1440 to 2160 x 2160 per eye. Plus the field of view (FoV) is also slightly wider at 114-degrees. Adjustable and removable headphones with built-in spatial audio are now part of the package and dual-mics aid communication. There are the usual adjustable straps on the sides and top with a large circular padded section at the back for comfort. Returning is the inside-out tracking which makes setting up the device a lot easier than those using external sensors.

The HP Reverb Pro Edition also comes with a leather faceplate which can be easily removed and cleaned when in use by multiple people, a .6m headset cable for HP Z VR Backpack wearable VR PC (sold separately) and a 1-year limited commercial warranty.

With all the announcements this week regarding VR hardware the HP Reverb has certainly put itself right in the middle of the pack. When looking at its direct, tethered headset competitors, there’s the Oculus Rift S due for release this month at $399 which also features inside-out tracking, of at the top of the pile is Valve Index which retails for $999/£919 for the full kit.

There’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to VR headsets in 2019. VRFocus will continue its coverage of HP Reverb, reporting back with any further updates.

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