The Impostors LTM Gets Vaulted In Fortnite

More than a year on from its introduction, Epic has revealed it will be vaulting Fortnite's Impostors LTM. In fact, by the time you read this, maintenance for Tuesday's update will be well underway. That means you have already missed your chance to play one final round of the Among Us-inspired mode. For now at least.

Epic revealed it would be vaulting Impostors on Monday via its Fortnite Status Twitter account. The tweet was actually one informing players when downtime for the v21.50 update would go live. The removal of Impostors was a footnote, and there's currently no official explanation for why it will leave the game. Don't lose sleep waiting for one though as when it comes to vaulted modes and items, it can always feel a little random.

There are a couple of likely explanations as to why Impostors is leaving Fortnite. The leading reason is the return of Late Game Arena. The popular LTM returns today, and Impostors may have made way for it. Late Game Arena is an intense 60-player mode, the circle in which players must do battle being a far smaller one than usual. While you're still looking to rack up eliminations, the aim of the game is to earn as many points, or as much Hype, as possible. It's effectively a training ground for those who think they can play Fortnite competitively.

The other potential reason Epic has decided to vault Impostors could be linked to its backdrop. The mode pits agents against impostors, with the latter trying to sabotage The Bridge as the former attempts to perform daily tasks. However, The Bridge was technically destroyed during an in-game event earlier this year, so it doesn't make sense that it remains intact within one of Fortnite's modes.

The introduction of Impostors to Fortnite was one marred in controversy. If you haven't played it before, it is effectively Among Us in a small Fortnite map. However, when initially introduced, there was no official collab with the Among Us creators. That has since been fixed, and hopefully, Impostors isn't gone forever.

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