The Indigenous American Dialog In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Has Been Translated By Fans

Plenty of us are off to Ireland in the new DLC, but in the base game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Eivor can venture to North America where they meet the Kanien’kehá:ka. That might sound familiar, given that they appeared in the third game. While they speak their own tongue, there’s no translation through subtitles, though.

With that being said, only recently, Access The Animus translated all of it. “We worked on it for a number of weeks but at some point, we had to admit our defeat,” they opened, “We decided to look for someone who could really help us. We reached out to the Kanien’keháka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center.

“After some very embarrassing misspellings of their names, they helped us translate the few lines that can be found in the game.” The translations expand on the culture of the tribe, giving further insights into their beliefs and traditions, going as far as to provide links to Rogue where you play as an Assassin turned Templar. But they also let us in on some innocuous, day-to-day speech.

“The Sky Woman thanked the animals. ‘Now I can give this land spirit,’ she said. She then gave birth to twin sons.” This is the Mohawk tribe’s interpretation of the creation story, while in Rogue, we meet the Oneida who have their very own take. In theirs, the Sky Woman descends to bring light to a dark world. This gives us an insight into the various tribes inhabiting that space we trudged through as Shay.

However, the video isn’t just about translating the dialog in the game but also the various texts, pictures, weapons, and gear. There’s the Raven equipment, the Porcupine Spear, the Antlers Bow, and the Bear Club just to name some of these instances.

Perhaps, with this new information, some talented modders will revamp the subtitles in-game to provide live translations. For now, though, the only way is to either do it yourself or watch Access the Animus’ video separately to understand.

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