The Last of Us Glitch Forces Ellie To Slap A Bunch Of Enemies To Death

A player has shared a newly discovered game breaking glitch from The Last of Us, and it’s hilarious.

A new video showcasing the glitch was posted to the official Last of Us subredit by redditor Straydes, where it was explained that their dad was playing the game at the time the bug was found.

Glitches and bugs aren’t unheard of in Naughty Dog’s 2013 title. I’ve encountered quite a few during my many playthroughs of the game, but none quite as jarring as this one.

The minute-long video starts out quite normal, showing the player controlling Ellie riding her horse, Callus, away from a bunch of hunters who are in pursuit. The gameplay is from the Lakeside Resort chapter which takes place during Winter, one of the most memorable parts of the game as it’s the first time you take control of Ellie. The encounter we see in the video is supposed to take the player further where Callus is subsequently shot, resulting in Ellie tumbling down a cliff. Instead, as the player is galloping through the snowy streets an enemy grabs Ellie, and what is supposed to turn into a quick time event she is forced into the air in a T-pose position as Callus rides away without her.

It’s clear from the player’s sudden reaction that they have no idea what just happened because as they turn around the hunters in pursuit are suddenly surrounding them. Strangely, the enemies don’t seem to be attacking Ellie only creepily approaching her with fists raised. It’s reasonable to think that the lack of attacks from the NPCs is due to the fact that they were probably coded to only pursue Ellie while she is on her horse.

However, the best part of the glitch is when the player decides to start slashing at them with Ellie’s invisible pocket knife but it only results in the sound of a slap and the hilarious view of enemies falling to the ground one by one by the hands of a 14-year old. The video cuts off before we get to see what happens next, but it sure did put a smile on my face.

Redditors in the comment section have been speculating what could have possibly caused the glitch, but right now we don’t have an answer. What we do know is that this glitch is easily one of the strangest we’ve seen so far.

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