The Last Of Us Mod Turns Joel And Ellie Into Kratos And Atreus

Even though the massively different backdrops in which The Last Of Us and God Of War occur means the two games will almost definitely never be able to crossover, that won't have stopped many of you thinking about how that might look. One group of modders clearly wasn't happy with leaving that to their imaginations, putting Kratos and Atreus into Joel and Ellie's apocalyptic world.

YouTuber and modder Speclizer, with the help of VontaDev, smasher248, and Hitman Himself, has actually gone a step further than that. Not only have they put the God of War father and son into The Last Of Us, they've assigned them the roles of Joel and Ellie. The mod can be seen in action below, putting Kratos and Atreus into a number of scenes from The Last Of Us Part 2.

It should ne noted at this point that if you haven't played the sequel, or you don't want elements of the upcoming adaptation spoiled, you might want to look away now. The clip begins with the touching moment between Joel and Ellie near the start of Part 2 where the former plays a cover of Future Days for his unofficially adopted daughter. That moment is changed drastically when its Kratos doing the signing and Atreus as his audience.

While hearing the God of War sing is a little jarring, for some reason seeing him in a buttoned up shirt is even harder to get your head around. Atreus's bald head on Ellie's body, on the other hand, actually sort of fits once you get to grips with Ellie being completely replaced by a character from a different game.

The mod runs through Joel and Ellie, or in this case Kratos and Atreus, trying to move past the dramatic ending to the first game. An ending that revolved around Joel saving Ellie's life, but potentially robbing the world of a cure for the virus that brought on the apocalypse in the process. That story will seemingly be retold by HBO later this month as apparently the first season of The Last Of Us will follow the events of the first game quite closely.

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