The Mortuary Assistant: How To Unlock All Endings

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The Mortuary Assistant is a slightly more complex horror game, at least more than many others that have been launched recently; requiring you to constantly be paying attention, even during some of the more terrifying scares. In this title, you play as Rebecca Owens, a newly qualified mortician working her first night shift for her new job as the Mortuary Assistant.

Throughout the game, you're tasked with embalming dead bodies. While working through that small task, you are required to pick up on obvious or subtle hints that tell you which body is currently hiding a demon. You'll have three bodies to embalm each night meaning you cannot randomly guess — your actions done until you burn a body each night will determine which of the five endings you receive.

My First Body Ending

With the primary goal of the game being finding the correct body and cremating the demon, the first ending we'll cover is the good ending where you find that body and cremate it with the correct demon mark. To make sure you select the correct body you'll need to pay attention throughout the night and pay close attention to which bodies show signs of demonic possession.

If you're having difficulty finding the correct body, follow our guide The Mortuary Assistant: How To Identify A Demon.

Once you are certain you have the correct body, you'll also need to get the demon's name correct and create the mark. Place the mark on the body hosting a demon and burn it to unlock the good ending.

I Survived Ending

Much like the good ending, this one requires you to select the correct body on the second night. If you could find the correct body on the first night, It's confident to assume you can do it for the second night, which will unlock this slightly different ending. In doing so, you will also get an achievement, if nothing else entices you to unlock this ending.

Let Me In Ending

If you are unable to banish the demon, either by making a mistake, taking too long, or burning the wrong body, then unfortunately you've just unlocked the bad ending. To unlock this ending all you have to do is not win. This sounds much simpler than it actually is, as any mistake will cause you to get this ending.

Forgetting to put in the reagent, getting the demons' name wrong, burning the wrong body, or just not doing anything until time runs out. Rebecca is now trapped, possessed forever — maybe you'll have better luck next time.

Six Feet Under Ending

This is the first ending that requires some set-up to unlock, you'll need to complete a list of tasks. To begin, you'll need to collect the key from the bottom drawer in the embalming room, it's hidden under some paper. Once you've collected this, you'll need to play the game until a certain horror scene happens. When you're transported downstairs and can see lots of mannequins, check their foreheads for the six-digit code — note this down as you'll need it shortly.

When you're back upstairs, head to the embalming room, and in one of the cabinets, there will be a keypad. Enter the code, get the basement key, and head into that room. As soon as you open the door, you'll unlock the ending, but feel free to explore the basement for bonus content.

Now complete the night as normal and burn the correct body to complete the ending.

Sobriety Ending

If you're more of a story-driven gamer, this ending is going to appeal to you the most. Somewhat finishing the story of the game, you'll need some items from Rebecca's apartment, so you'll need to start a new night if you don't already have them.

While in the apartment, look inside Rebecca's clothes drawers for her sobriety coin — it'll be inside a book that can be opened. Once you have the coin, head into the office as normal.

Once you're in the office, check the drawers where you found the key to the basement, and you should find a second sobriety coin. Once you have both coins start your shift as normal, and after some time, a scene should appear in the hallway, showing Rebecca hanging with her arms outstretched. Place each of the coins in one of her hands and she should react and disappear. Now you can burn the correct body and unlock the final ending.

With lots of different endings, there's a lot of chance to replay the game and find all the hidden easter eggs you might have missed the first time. Just don't guess the wrong body too many times!

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