The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud: ID Cartridge Locations

Coming from the team that worked on one of the most popular Fallout games, New Vegas, The Outer Worlds promised an entire universe, or at least a few planet’s worth, of choice. Combat isn’t completely avoidable, but there are plenty of opportunities to circumvent a fight using other skills like dialogue, and hacking. Stealth, on the other hand, was given more complexity than just ducking through vents and staying out of vision cones. The holographic shroud adds a new layer to stealth you need to familiarize yourself with, as well as do some scavenger hunting to find all the ID cartridges. If you’re struggling to blend in with the corporate types, our guide will help you look the part.

Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud Location

Before you even need to worry about stealthing your way through an area you’re not supposed to be in, you’ll need the brand new holographic shroud item. Getting one is easy enough, too. Simply play through the campaign as normal until you reach the mission called Passage to Anywhere. Once done, return to your ship and head up to the Captain’s Quarters to pick up the holographic shroud from your desk.

Outer Worlds ID Cartridge Locations

Now, the holographic shroud is essentially useless without an ID cartridge to tell it what type of person to disguise you as. You’ll need a different ID for the major factions in the game, with five in total to collect across the different zones.

Sublight ID Cartridge

Fly down to Monarch and fast travel to the Amber Heights point. Mosey on down to the Southeast building with a workbench and sneak inside. Between the two forklift looking machines on the back wall, check the bottom shelf for the ID cartridge. You’ll need to steal it, so either be ready to talk or fight your way out if caught.

Mardet ID Cartridge

Next up we head to Groundbreaker for the Worst Contact quest. You’ll pick the ID cartridge up in Mardet’s office, on the little table right before the restricted area, as part of the quest’s progression so you can’t miss it.

UDL ID Cartridge

Inside the Ministry on Byzantium, you will first need to talk your way inside the building by either convincing Caroline or Holt to let you inside. Once you gain access, hack the computer on the first floor and bring back the information you find to Caroline so she will open up the door to the lab for you. Check the lockers here to snag this useful disguise.

Boarst Factory ID Cartridge

Back on Monarch, look for the Dry Goods and Sundry building in Fallbrook. Talk to the shopkeeper Duncan and ask for the ID cartridge. You’ll need level 50 in either lie, persuade, or intimidate to get him to hand it over.

Labyrinth Security ID Cartridge

During the Brave New World mission you’ll be forced into a conversation with a corporation trooper once you arrive on Tartarus. As long as you have at least level 70 in a dialogue skill, you can snag this last chip easily.

How To Use The Holographic Shroud

The Holographic Shroud sounds complicated, but it actually requires almost no work on your part. As long as you have the shroud, and the appropriate ID cartridge for the specific restricted area you are going into, it will automatically activate upon crossing the threshold. All you need to do is pay attention to the bar on the bottom that will drain as you remain in that area. Moving slower will slow down the drain, but if it runs out you’ll be caught and need to pass a dialogue check to reset the bar. You only get three recharges, so don’t hang around too long!

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