The Poke RPG Is Pokemon Meets Dungeons & Dragons, And Its Free Gen 4 Update Just Dropped

Who needs a Gen 4 remake when you could just play out Diamon & Pearl by rolling dice? That’s thanks to Poke RPG, a fan-made ruleset for playing Pokemon as a tabletop game.

Poke RPG was started over a year ago by Isaac Ostlund, a Pokemon fan that set about merging the rules of Pokemon with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Your character has the familiar set of attributes (although Dexterity is called Agility, Charisma is Spirit, Wisdom is Awareness, and Constitution is renamed Vitality), but each of these attributes is now related to Pokemons’ stats (ATK, Sp.ATK, DEF, Sp.DEF, SPD, and HP).

Of course, this being a Pokemon RPG, your Pokemon will be doing most of the combat. Unlike in the video games, characters can have up to three Pokemon on their squad at a time. Each Pokemon also has its own stat distribution and set of four moves that they can use so long as they have the MP to use them.

But if you’re Pokemon is doing most of the combat, then why does your player have attributes? Well, sometimes the actual trainer might have to fight off Team Rocket with a giant sword, but also because your stats can influence your Pokemon’s thanks to an extensive Trait system. These traits give your Pokemon special abilities in battle that can range from healing their wounds to giving them added stat bonuses.

The rest of the game is fairly familiar to Dungeons & Dragons fans. Equipment generally follows the same rules, heal sprays work like health potions, and Skills are generally similar although there are a few extra ones thrown in to account for the sci-fi nature of Pokemon (such as Tech, Science, Street Wise, etc).

Best of all, Poke RPG is absolutely free. You can head on over to the Poke RPG website to download the 200-page core rule book, character and pokemon sheet, and full Pokedex that has every Pokemon up to Gen 4 (that’s Diamond & Pearl Pokes).

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