The Surge 2 Gameplay Preview: A refreshing action-RPG that’s more than another Souls clone

Of course, you’re not completely defenceless. One of my favourite things about what I played with The Surge 2 was its customization options and how you had to fight to get them.

For example, you have different drones that you can customize to suit your needs. But once you’ve used the drone’s ammo up, you’ll need to fight enemies in order to get more components for your drone to work again.

That’s also where limb-targeting comes in. Like the previous game, you can target which limb you want to hack and slash at.

But if you want parts to upgrade and customize your gear, you’ll need to target armored limbs.

As to be expected, targeting armor means you’ll have more trouble with killing your enemies than if you were targeting armorless limbs, but the reward for doing so is much, much sweeter.


But beyond the combat, there are snippets of story that you can come across even as you’re fighting for your life.

Snippets that are interesting yes, but flesh out the world of Jericho City, making it something more than just a background to your hack and slash adventures.

There is wildlife and inhabitants that each have their own reason to try and survive. How you’ll deal with them is, of course, up to you.

Nevertheless, as my time with the Surge 2 came to a close, the one thing that I took from it was this: it isn’t going to be just another Soulslike with, ironically enough, no soul in it.

But a living, breathing action RPG with a refreshing customization system, and a weird, wonderful world to explore.

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