The world's first NFT games console has already become a laughing stock

In the worst idea since putting all your life savings into crypto, a company has just announced a new console dedicated to ‘Web 3 gaming’.

We hope you’ve got a strong stomach for buzzwords because this story has them all, as a brand new hardware launch has just been announced: the Polium One – a ‘multi-chain console for Web 3 gaming’.

The nonsense of cryptocurrency and NFT seems to be coming to an even swifter end than many predicted, but despite the value of crypto already collapsing Web 3 company Polium is pushing ahead with what may be the most low key hardware reveal ever.

All it consists of is the tweet below and Polium replying to a lot of highly sceptical comments from gamers, including a number who point out that the console’s logo looks suspiciously similar to the old GameCube one.

Polium has already vowed to create a new logo and have claimed that although they haven’t got any games to announce they are ‘in talks with different Web 3 game developers’.

‘We know that a console can’t be successful without games,’ they sagely say, while explaining why they haven’t got any games.

They also don’t really seem to have console, as the picture below is a render and they admit it’ll be ‘a few months’ (aka November) before they have a prototype.

Many are pointing out that ‘Web 3 gaming’ doesn’t exist and Web 3 itself – an attempt to create a more decentralised version of the World Wide Web – is, much like the Metaverse, a largely meaningless buzzword.

We particularly enjoyed this exchange on Twitter though, where someone asks why you would need crypto in video games to which there is, tellingly, no answer.

Users will be able to play Web 3 games more efficiently without having to visit multiple websites or use multiple wallets just to play games. Plug in and play so need to buy an expensive gaming PC.


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