There Are Apparently Over 4.2 Billion Pokemon

Yesterday, the Pokemon Company released a video confirming the existence of 1,008 different Pokemon. It’s an eight-minute nostalgic walk down memory lane that shows all 1,008 in batches based on which games they came from, including the recent release of Scarlet & Violet. Not sure why it took 'em a few months to notice they’re well over 1,000, but better late than never I guess.

However, Pokemon fans think that the 1,008 figure is wrong. When you account for every different form, gender variation, mega evolution, Gmax form, Tera form, seasonal variant, regional variation, and every different Unown letter, the number is actually far, far greater.

That’s according to math performed by Reddit user RyantheSithLord (with thanks to Games Radar). According to their scientific calculation, the true number of Pokemon in the world is almost 4.3 billion.

Before you start going through Serebii to do a count of your own, know that the vast majority of that 4.3 billion number is composed of Spinda variants. Each Spinda’s color pattern is said to be unique, according to several Pokedex entries, although X and Y and HeartGold and SoulSilver confirm the odds of two Spindas having the same color pattern is actually one in 4 billion. Bulbapedia provides a more specific figure that takes into account how the spot pattern is based on each Spinda’s personality value, which is a 32-bit number. That means there are 4,294,967,296 possible variations of Spinda.

Take out all those Spindas and we’re left with just 1,418 different Pokemon. Which is still a lot, but not quite enough for there to be a Pokemon uprising. Yet.

While The Pokemon Company posted a fun video to its official YouTube account confirming over 1,000 Pokemon now exist, the same company posted a far different kind of video to the franchise's official TikTok account. It featured a Pikachu and a Lucario slapping paws to the tune of "If You're Happy And You Know It," only there were a lot more F-bombs dropped than you might remember from your pre-school days.

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