There Are Way Less PS5 Digital Editions Than Standard Editions, According To Sources

New reports suggest that while getting your hands on a PS5 will be difficult, landing the digital edition of the console could be even harder.

Deciding which next-gen console to buy is a very big decision for most gamers. Some will have needed to save for months, so it hasn’t helped that the prices for both Xbox and PlayStation’s offering have only been revealed very recently. The good news is that not only are the prices relatively reasonable, but both companies are offering cheaper versions of their next-gen consoles.

When it comes to the PS5, gamers have the option of buying its digital edition. Unlike the differences between the Series X and Series S, the only difference between a regular PS5 and a digital one is the lack of a disc drive. For that one downgrade, Sony has been willing to knock $100 off the price. Not a bad deal at all.

The trouble is, that deal might be too good to be true for a lot of potential PS5 owners. According to unnamed sources that have divulged information to Eurogamer, retailers have been given far fewer digital edition PS5s than regular ones to offer up for preorder. In fact, some reports suggest that, on average, the regular version of the console outnumber the digital editions three to one. In some places, the digital proportion is allegedly as low as 13%.

Ars Technica polled nine different Game Stop locations and discovered that all of them had far fewer digital editions to offer its customers in comparison to tegular PS5s. In fact, of all the stores included, the best-case scenario was a 33% share for digital PS5s. Following the debacle that was last week’s surprise start to PS5 pre-orders, this is even more bad publicity for PlayStation.

There are a number of reasons why the ratio might be so unbalanced. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan stated that its the first time the company has made two consoles at the same time, so there is uncertainty when it comes to hitting the right ratio. Some may speculate that those desperate for a PS5 at launch will pay the extra money for a regular edition rather than wait for a digital one to become available. As for those pre-orders, Sony has apologized and promised that more opportunities are on the way.

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