There’s A Joe Biden Island In Fortnite For Some Reason

We’re three days away from election day in the United States, and although the combination of record turnout and record mail-in ballots is likely to mean that we won’t know who wins the election on November 4th, it does mean we’re heading down to the wire for people to make their final decision on who they want as president.

Biden is clearly courting the youth vote. He’s just unleashed a special Fortnite island designed to inform the electorate of his campaign’s positions and to encourage young gamers to vote.

The island is called Build Back Better With Biden, a reference to the general state of catastrophe that the United States has been in all year. It’s an urban environment that has six mini-games that will hit you with the Biden & Harris campaign’s talking points. For example, picking up rusty cans in a river will result in a Jonesy cutout informing you that “Joe will mobilize a Civilian Climate Corps to train and mobilize next-gen conservation workers.”

You can add solar panels and efficient air conditioners to an electric car factory to see what a Green New Deal might look like. Or you can search for Kamala Harris’ lost golden sneakers. Which is probably not the greatest look if you’re trying to convince an electorate that you’re not part of some sort of wealthy elite class, but whatever.

Anyway, Biden Island isn’t exactly the most fun place, but it certainly seems inclusive with all the Love is Love and Black Lives Matter signs interspersed between Biden & Harris ones.

Text Fortnite to 30330 to get more info on Biden’s campaign, and head to for voting info in your state.

And if this Fortnite island wasn’t enough to convince you that Biden is cool with today’s youth, he’s also got an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island courtesy of Greg Miller. It’s very clearly an attempt to talk to young gamers, but I think I still prefer AOC playing Among Us on Twitch.

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