There’s A Reference To The Office In Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077’s sprawling Night City is filled to the brim with interesting things to see and discover. As with many RPGs as big as Cyberpunk, simply standing around and listening to the NPC conversations can reward you with an easter egg that you would have never expected—such as a reference to the The Office.

One of the first small easter eggs that people found in Night City was legendary game designer Hideo Kojima, as he sat in a hotel bar, being pitched movie ideas by adoring fans. Several others have popped up as more players have started getting their hands on the game and exploring every nook and cranny of the city.

You would probably have to be a big fan of The Office to catch this particular easter egg as it’s one of the show’s more obscure tangential storylines. As reported by GameRant, if you find an NPC named Dennis in the Afterlife area, he will give you a quest called “Big In Japan” and will introduce you to Haruyoshi, the character who will deliver famous lines from The Office.

The NPC dialogue is very nearly a word-for-word recitation of the story of an Office character’s origin story. In the show, a character named Hide tells us the story of how he came to the United States after a “botched” heart surgery for a Yakuza boss. Hide claims to have been the best heart surgeon in Japan, which is why the Yakuza boss came to him. However, he claims to have made a mistake, and the Yakuza boss died. So, he hid in a fishing boat bound for the US. Hide then reveals his big secret: he killed the Yakuza boss on purpose. He was Japan’s number one heart surgeon after all—he doesn’t make mistakes.

Once you complete the quest in Cyberpunk, you can speak to Haruyoshi, who tells you a very similar story. “In Japan, brain surgeon, top of all,” the NPC says. “One day, Tyger Claw boss need surgery. But, boss die on table! Tyger Claws were very angry. I hide in boat, swim to America. Here Dennis save me. But there is secret – I kill Tyger Claw boss on purpose. World best surgeon make no mistake.”

As it turns out, you just never know if the person that you’re meeting is, in fact, one of the world’s best surgeons; on the run from a gang because of their efforts to undermine the criminal organization.

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