These 7 Nintendo Game IPs should be given the indie treatment on Nintendo Switch

6. Edmund McMillen – Luigi’s Mansion

This may well be the strangest entry on this list, but hear me out. The Binding of Isaac has you going through a roguelike game about firing tears at monstrosities and eventually taking down Satan. You know, video game stuff. A top-down Luigi’s Mansion with all of the body horror and mastery of the grotesque that McMillen has would be a revelation. Luigi’s Mansion is already pretty horrifying given that has you hoovering up the spirits of the dead, some of whom are children, but to have that manifested in a more obvious way could be chilling.

7. Larian Studios – Golden Sun

Golden Sun deserves to come back damn it. Isaac and his posse are sorely missed from the modern era and an Assist Trophy in Smash just isn’t what we all want. They have deep systems, a brilliant story, and some great puzzles to boot. Give it to the creators of Divinity: Original Sin and just watch it become an immersive RPG world filled with excellent physics, exceptional writing, and even more strange ability combos. Please, just, please, out of every single entry on this list, please, this one…

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