These White And Gold PS5 Controllers Are As Exclusive As It Gets

A PS5 employee has shared an image of a white and gold DualSense controller, but don’t go getting your hopes up when it comes to getting one.

While console creators need to put a lot of thought and a lot of work into their controllers, they are rarely the focus when a console is finally released. The PS5 bucked that trend last year when PlayStation wowed the world via its DualSense. It was talked about and praised before, during, and after the console’s launch, and rightly so.

PlayStation branched out with its controller design to create the DualSense and it has paid off in a major way. So much so that Xbox has been asking its own player base if it would like to see the DualSense’s features incorporated into its own console’s hardware. That being said, the Series X’s controllers do have something that the DualSense doesn’t, at least not yet.

Options when it comes to colors. The Series X launched with three different options in terms of controller color and will add Pulse Red to that collection next month. As for the DualSense, there’s a black and white option as standard and that’s it. Unless you were a part of the PS5 launch team that is, as was revealed by PlayStation employee Joey Rabbitt on LinkedIn.

Rabbitt helped design the new PS app that launched alongside the PS5 last year and received something very special for doing so. A white and gold DualSense controller which they have sort of shown off in the post above. It has a gold plate where everyone else’s controller has a black one, as well as “PS5 Launch Team” etched into it. It’s assumed everyone at PlayStation involved in launching the console received one.

Rabbitt’s reveal is good news and bad news for anyone who wants to customize their own DualSense controllers. The good news is the controllers appear to be very customizable, and it’s highly likely PlayStation will eventually release the controller in various colors. The bad news is the white and gold combo will probably never be released to the public, otherwise, the ones gifted to the PS5’s launch team would become less special.

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