This Gotham Knights Mod Gives The Batcycle A Much-Needed Speed Boost

If you've been playing Gotham Knights since it launched last week, you've likely spent some time on the Batcycle and wondered "gee, why is this the slowest vehicle in gaming?". Well, wonder no more, as one of the most popular mods for the game right now is one that speeds up both the Batcycle and Dick's hang-glider.

Gotham Knights has had a fairly rocky launch, with many complaints aimed at its inconsistent frame rate, multiplayer systems being hard to figure out, and a number of wild glitches. Still, one of the most common issues that players are having with the game right now is how slow the Batcycle is.

As the main mode of transport in Gotham Knights aside from grappling and fast-travelling, you'd expect the Batcycle to be pretty speedy. Instead, it has a hard time even getting ahead of traffic, all the while trying to trick you into thinking it's going fast with visual effects. Jumping over to the game's subreddit, it's clear to see just how many players are annoyed by how slow it is.

It should probably come as no surprise then that one of the most popular mods for Gotham Knights over on NexusMods is one that speeds up the Batcycle, alongside several other slow forms of transport. The mod, created by JRem, aims to improve the Batcycle's overall speed, both when accelerating and reversing. It also gives the Batcycle the ability to brake instantly instead of having it slowly stop.

The mod also lets players increase the speed for Nightwing's glider, give Red Hood more jumps in his traversal mechanic, and lets you stay in Robin's teleport mode for longer. Strangely, the only character the mod doesn't seem to affect is Batgirl, although that's likely because her traversal mechanic is just a glide.

What should be clear from the popularity of this mod is that Gotham Knights players clearly find the base game to be far too slow, something that doesn't seem likely to be updated officially, as Warner Bros. Montreal hasn't acknowledged the issue as of the time of writing.

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