This Is What 'Among Us' Anime-Style Kills Would Be Like

Despite being released back in 2018, Among Us has found a new life on Twitch and in friend circles around the world.

Captivating casual gamers with its simple yet exciting play on the multiplayer deception, the game has been celebrated by its distinct visual style and kill cut scenes. Artist and content creator Landonardo looked to reimagine those cut scenes with an anime inspiration. Putting together a couple of videos, Landonardo animated what Among Us anime-style kills​ would be like. Some familiar finishers include Goku’s Kamehameha, Ichigo Kurosaki’s Getsuga Tenshou, Naruto Uzumaki’s Shadow Clone Barrage and Light Yagami’s masterful use of the Death Note.​

Watch the “Among Us But With Anime Finishers” series below.

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