This Resident Evil 8 Mod Makes Lady Dimitrescu’s Hat Bigger With Each Encounter

If you thought everyone’s favorite nine-foot tall vampire lady from Resident Evil Village couldn’t get any larger than life, you thought wrong. A recent mod for the fabulous and slightly murderous Lady Dimitrescu makes her already large hat grow even larger every time you come across her. By the time you complete the castle portion of the game, her hat encompasses the entire screen. Talk about throwing shade!

This new mod comes from content creator Kallialee on YouTube, who shared a 33-second video of Lady D’s hat growing to an impossible size. What is great about the mod is how subtle the hat grows. After the first couple encounters with the statuesque vampire, you may not notice too much of a difference in her fancy hat. However, as you continue to bump into Lady D, you will find her headwear hard to ignore as it has grown to a ridiculous size. While the hat does cast a large shadow on poor Ethan, it doesn’t hinder the Lady from entering or exiting the rooms of the castle as she stalks him.

This mod is just one in a long list of mods that people have been using in Resident Evil Village. From mods that make a bit of sense, like placing a Mr. X skin from Resident Evil 2 onto the similarly stalking Lady Dimitrescu or the mod that puts the Duke in attire similar to the Merchant from Resident Evil 4, to the ones that make less sense like the Barney enemy mod that makes all enemies look like Barney the Dinosaur for some reason or the one that puts Chris Redfield’s head on poor baby Rose. Modders are having a field day with Village and, honestly, it has made the game’s experience that much better.

Unfortunately, Lady D’s enormous hat mod isn’t available for download just yet. Though with Lady Dimitrescu being as popular as she is, it likely won’t be long before everyone can incorporate her hilariously growing hat into their game. Until then, people will have to be satisfied with the tall vampire’s hat remaining only slightly larger than normal.

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