TikToker Is Using Warzone 2’s Proximity Chat To Roleplay As An Uber Driver

Warzone 2 has added proximity chat and, while it has been a mixed bag like any other voice chat system, it's also resulted in some fairly unique scenarios beyond plonking down in a tower and sniping enemies until you reach number one. A TikToker has been using it to roleplay as an Uber driver, picking up players and taking them to their destination.

The video starts with ziccs rolling up in a jeep to an enemy hiding by an archway, yelling, "Uber driver! Don't shoot!" The player doesn't shoot, luckily, and instead climbs into the jeep with maybe a little too much trust for a Call of Duty match. They then ask ziccs to drive them to the black site, and when they get there, ziccs demands $100 (thanks, Eurogamer).

Warzone has money you can use to buy drops, revives, and killstreaks, and ziccs did manage to earn some cash by being an in-game Uber driver. Players awkwardly chuck it out after getting to their location, but it didn't end well. Ziccs later ran into the very person they drove around and had to fight them to the death. It is a battle royale after all.

Even when getting actual in-game customers that he didn't have to gun down, things didn't always go smoothly. Ziccs flung off a hill and got the jeep stuck before being bombed while demanding his paycheck as the customer ran off. It's hardly an ideal place to lug people around.

Maybe this could turn into a thriving business, with a whole network of Warzone Uber drivers making in-game cash by driving around customers from hotspot to hotspot, earning some kind of immunity for their service. Get enough money, and each driver in a squad could even revive one another. Of course, you run the risk of a customer backstabbing you the second you arrive at your destination, but there's always a second chance at the gulag, eh?

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