Time Stories Plays like Batman Meets Quantum Leap

I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite things in the entire world.  A game that implements mystery solving, combat with big consequences, adventures throughout alternate histories and worlds, and an enigmatic universe filled with lore and supernatural intervention to take you and a group of friends on vastly different experiences that you’ll likely never forget.

Time Stories’ focus on communication has inspired many memorable and animated debates amongst my friends.

A Royal Ending

While Madame is a fun addition to the greater universe, it does feel like it drops the ball in some regards.

You Say You Want a Revolution

Time Stories Revolution will bring a lot of huge changes that address previous fan requests.

NPCs that players run into will have different relationships with each receptacle, and they’ll react accordingly.

It’s About That Time

  • Time Stories (Base game. Required to play all expansions. Come with Asylum 1921 NT scenario)
  • The Marcy Case 1992 NT
  • Prophecy of Dragons 7553 AT
  • Under the Mask 1146 NT
  • Expedition: Endurance 1914 NT
  • Lumen Fidei 1419 NT
  • Estrella Drive 1982 NT
  • Brotherhood of the Coast 1685 NT
  • Madame 1673 NT

Also, if you wanna have some flashy looking components (which can only be used for The White Cycle), check out an optional transparent component set for Time Stories here.

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