TimeSplitters 4 Characters Possibly Leaked Thanks To Office Decor

An image showing characters from TimeSplitters has surfaced online, and it has ignited chatter about the in-development sequel to the beloved series. While the last game in the series released in 2005, the developers were reformed in 2021 to work on a new TimeSplitters game.

Debuting on the PS2 as an exclusive, TimeSplitters launched in 2000, and became a cult classic that spawned two sequels. Developed by Free Radical Design, which comprised members who worked on N64 classcis GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, the series became known for its outlandish character designs, slick gameplay, and surprisingly deep multiplayer and level designs.

A leaked image that appears to come from the offices of the reformed team, which shows characters on a wall, could be designs for the TimeSplitters currently in development. The characters on the wall look like they're Cyberfairy, Overall Mutant and Sergio, while the machine looks like Robot Louis Stevenson. The image cropped up online a couple weeks ago, but has been making fresh rounds owing to a new post on Reddit.

While the source of the image is unknown, the designs are undoubtedly TimeSplitters, with the same cartoony aesethetics although with more lifelike designs than in their PS2 days. The image is unconfirmed as official designs, but we do know the game is in development.

Last May, publisher Deep Silver announced that it had reformed Free Radical Design, with founders Steve Ellis and David Doak onboard to head up the studio once again to work on the series. "To finally be able to confirm that the studio has been formed and that we have a plan for the next TimeSplitters game is incredible", Ellis said in a statement at the time.

Deep Silver's owners, Koch Media (a part of Embracer Group), acquired the TimeSplitters IP from Crytek in 2018. The reformed Free Radical Design is based in Nottingham, England, and its LinkedIn page says it's "dedicated to taking the TimeSplitters brand forward" and that it's looking for "exceptional developers" for its team.

TimeSplitters were acclaimed games with a zany, humorous, and wonderfully anarchic approach, with a lighthearted style that was a million miles from the serious bombast of other shooter series like Call of Duty. From the comments under the leaked image, it seems many are excited by the possibility of a return to form for the series.

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